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After body weight loss, the body shaping operation corrects the shape of the subcutaneous tissues that support the fat and skin and takes the sagging fat and skin excesses. After weight reduction or significant weight loss, the skin and tissues usually lose their elasticity and cannot adapt to the new smaller size of the body. As a result, the severely enlarged leather is no longer supported:
Upper arms can sag, appear fuller and loose
Breasts can flatten and the nipples can hang down
The abdominal region may expand from the sides and back and a general sag may occur in this region.
Coarse meats, groin and thighs may hang and give the appearance of drooping pockets in the skin
As a result of this surgery, the body gets more normal with more smooth contours. This is, in essence, the final stage of your total weight loss experience.

It is the first face that comes to mind when it is called aesthetic surgery. However, medical aesthetic procedures and plastic surgery are performed in many parts of the body. Body aesthetics are performed for many purposes, such as removing deformities, removing excess fats from the body, getting a stretched appearance in a specific area of the body, smoothing the body contours with small interventions.

Abdominal Tension Surgery
The abdomen is one of the most easily lubricated areas of the body in both men and women. In addition, slimming methods such as diet and exercise are not enough to get rid of the fat in the abdomen in some people. A sagging abdominal skin disrupts the aesthetic appearance of the body. In this case, a tense and flat stomach can be seen with a tummy tuck surgery. It is possible to achieve a highly ideal appearance with the removal of excess fats as well as the removal of excess leather, with new aesthetic treatments and combined applications. Depending on the degree of sagging in the abdomen and the excess fat rate, only a tight and flat stomach can be made by performing a mini-tummy tuck. The procedure is completed with a smaller incision in the mini tummy tuck surgery. The recovery time is also shorter.

The liposuction procedure, which is frequently applied in many countries of the world, is performed in the field of aesthetic surgery alone or in combination with a different application. This technique, which is applied to aspirate excess oil in a specific area of ​​the body, provides more successful results. Techniques that do not cause pain or burning sensation have been developed for the patient. For this reason, the number of people who want to have liposuction to get rid of excess fat in the body is increasing.
Vaser Liposuction surgery, performed by using sound waves, allows the liquefaction of stubborn fat layers easily and quickly. After the liposuction application, it eliminates the risk of wavy appearance. Vaser Liposuction technique can be applied to the body, arm, leg, hip, breast and many other areas without damaging the other tissues of the body except the fat.