Disorders of the legs, sagging skin appearance, asymmetric posture and many other problems are corrected with leg surgery. Cosmetic Leg Surgery London In particular, women with the freedom to wear skirts of the leg view problems can be taken by surgical intervention is tried to be corrected. Moreover, patients who have leg eyebrows thanks to new technologies are returning to their daily lives in a short period of time accompanied by a much more comfortable healing process.

What can be done with Leg Aesthetic Surgery?
Many problems with the appearance of the legs can be corrected with aesthetic leg surgery. How the surgery is performed depends on the patient’s demands and the structure of the legs. Today, many techniques applied in plastic surgery are used in aesthetic surgery. From leg prosthesis to fat injection to stretching techniques, many procedures can be included in leg aesthetic procedures.

Aesthetic Leg Stretching
The inner legs are easily lubricated and easily deformed. At the same time, with the advancement of age, relaxation and sagging are among the body regions where it is most easily performed. The thickening of the inner leg area, where the regional lubrication is also high, can decrease the quality of life as it can be accompanied by difficulties such as rubbing when walking. In this case, aesthetic leg stretching surgery may be preferred. In the thickened inner leg tissue, liposuction and the removal of excess skin are done in combination. This surgery technique is aimed at the appearance of a more smooth, thinner and more stretched leg. Depending on the leg structure of the patient and the procedure to be performed, techniques such as stretching of the groin, stretching of T-shaped legs or stretching of the spiral legs may be preferred.

Curved Leg Shaping
Curved leg shaping aesthetics can be made to smooth the curved or distorted appearance of the legs. In this process, fat injection is generally preferred. After the fat from the patient’s body is treated, it is transferred to the leg area which causes a distorted appearance. With this method it is possible to achieve a very successful result, especially in the appearance of crooked legs. In recent years, enriched fat injection is one of the preferred methods.

Aesthetic Leg Prosthesis
One of the techniques used to smooth the distorted leg structure is the placement of a prosthesis in the leg. The aesthetic leg prosthesis, which is usually placed inside the inner leg, is placed along the outline of the base or along the line. The surgery performed by applying approximately 2.5 cm incision from the posterior section of the knee is actually a collagen surgery. Since the result is permanent, crooked leg correction is one of the most preferred techniques. Silicone implants can also be placed in the calf muscles. With an easy technique, this method of surgery can be applied for the calf to get a more uniform appearance. Operations for the placement of a silicone prosthesis on the leg require rest after the operation. It is possible for the patient to return to his daily life in a short time such as one week or 10 days. Therefore, the patient does not require a long recovery period.

Aesthetic Leg Oil Injection
An aesthetic leg fat injection process may be preferred to obtain a leg structure that looks aesthetically correct. When the legs are closed, the fat from the patient’s body is transferred to the leg area in order to clear the gap between the two legs and to plump the collapses in the legs. Generally, since the stem cell enriched fat injection technique is preferred, the majority of the oils transferred remain present. Therefore, after a while, the leg appearance is prevented from being restored. When fat is injected into the leg, the appearance is affected due to weight gain. Because the stem cell enriched fat injection allows fat cells to survive more after fat injection.