UK Genital aesthetics

Labiaplasty London Labia minora internal lips and less frequently labia majora external lips surgery. London Genital aesthetics Labiaplasty of Labia minora is the most common GCS procedure. It usually involves not projecting under the outer lips by reducing the size of the inner lips. It is also used to correct the asymmetry of the lips when a lip is significantly different in size length to the other. Some women perform labiaplasty because they restrict their participation in activities such as labiae to indulge themselves in self-indulgence, irritation and cycling. However, many women have labiaplasty because they are ashamed of their labia.

Vaginoplasty London This involves removing the inside of the vagina and the vaginal opening to remove excess tissue from the vaginal lining. It results in a vagina with a smaller diameter. Vaginoplasty is usually encouraged as a solution for women experiencing vaginal tone loss due to birth. This is called ‘vaginal rejuvenation’.

Hijmenoplasty London This process reconstructs the hymen (a thin skin membrane that partially covers a vaginal entry). The edges of the torn hymen are reattached so that when sexual intercourse occurs, the membrane will rupture and bleed. Himenoplasty is mainly carried out for religious or cultural reasons, but it is also promoted as a ‘re-sale of grass’ for women who want to give gifts to their spouses.

Labia major enlargement London This procedure attempts to fill the outer lips by injecting fatty tissue taken from another part of the woman’s body.

Vulval lipoplasty – This procedure involves the use of liposuction to remove fat deposits from adipose tissues (fat tissue covered by pubic hair) from the mons pubis. This makes the mons pubis less visible.

G-spot amplification London This procedure involves the injection of a substance such as collagen to point G to increase its size and hence theoretically to enhance a woman’s sexual pleasure. The effects last for 3-4 months on average.

Genital plastic surgery is a surgical operation in order to eliminate changes in the female genital system from birth or years. Genital problems cause psychological and social problems in women. Sexual life of couples is also affected by this situation. Genital aesthetic facial region, such as vagina to rejuvenate and remain in the forum.

Genital area aesthetics (vaginal aesthetics), orgasmic area, the outer third of the vagina, inner and outer lips, the width of the vagina and the perineal region of this area called the region on the pubis vagina and the internal parts of the leg of excessive fat accumulation with surgical interventions.

Many applications can be made in terms of external appearance and internal structure of the genital area. The most common surgical interventions include labioplasty (shape, enlargement and enlargement of the genital lips), vaginoplasty (widened by birth and other factors, or transformation of the damaged vagina into the required form). The aim of genital aesthetics is to achieve a natural result both functionally and aesthetically.

Clitoral hood reduction London This procedure involves the reduction of the skin hood surrounding the clitoris, revealing the paws (or head) of the underlying clitoris. Reducing a clitoral hood is therefore intended to increase the sexual pleasure of a woman, to provide more encouragement. The procedure is also known as hoodectomy.