Big breasts are not only the cause of psychological discomfort. London Breast Reduction It also causes physical discomfort, which over time can lead to health problems. Women with large breasts often suffer from pain in the thoracic and cervical spine. Breast Reduction London They find it difficult to choose the size of the bra and clothes. There are also certain inconveniences when playing sports. However, this problem has a solution: our clinic in Turkey-izmir offers to perform an operation to reduce the breast.

Women who have big breasts try to hide them all their lives, they wear tight bras, they have difficulty in choosing clothes. Over the years, the large breasts in the chest wall can cause serious problems in the spine and the whole back. They can cause shoulder pain. Under the nipple, especially in the summer months, the problem of rash and odor occurs. Bra straps form deep marks on the shoulders.

It remains traces after surgery.

The most important point to be said about this operation is the traces. A breast-shaped fold and a line-like line extending down from the nipple can occur. But these traces are largely faded over time. Women who are freed in their weights and feel more free and lightweight often do not care about them. But for the more sensitive women about the trace, the breast can be reduced without creating a single vertical track (under the breast).

Large breasts under general anesthesia can be achieved with breast reduction surgery. Excess oil and skin in the breast is removed and the sagging breast tip is moved upwards.

The essence of reduction mammoplasty
Surgical intervention for breast reduction is to remove excess glandular breast tissue and the subcutaneous fat layer. The nipple-areola complex is moved to a higher position.