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What is Face Lift Surgery?

Facial lifting surgery to remove sagging of the face and neck skin; If there is any jaw at the bottom of the jaw is eliminated. Subcutaneous tissue is reinforced. London Face Aesthetic Price List cheap aesthetics and very trust.

Who are the best applicants for this surgery?

The ideal people to face face lifting surgery, the skin of the face and neck began to sag, but still does not lose the elasticity of the skin, have no other health problems. This surgery is usually performed on men and women over the age of 40 years. During face stretching surgery, nose and eyelids aesthetics, forehead correction and eyebrow lifting operations can be added to make the face look more beautiful and younger. Injection of fillers (oil, hyaluronic acid, etc.) or peeling (mechanical, chemical, laser) for thin wrinkles

The sagging skin of the eye area and volume loss and fat are often associated with the aging process of the face of man. To restore volume and return a young and dynamic appearance to the face, using the filler (from English ‘fill’) or injectable substances used in minimally invasive aesthetic medicine to correct static lines or wrinkles and reduce dark circles, in order to have a look more relaxed and cooler. The hydration of the periocular area and of the face thanks to PRP (platelet concentrate) allows the skin to regain tone, compactness and brightness without resorting to cosmetic surgery, preserving a completely natural aspect.


When you consider face lifting surgery, first discuss what you want and why you want and then consult a plastic surgeon. Tell your doctor about your wishes and expectations individually and discuss with him / her. If you are smoking, you must leave 10 days before the surgery. Communicate your habit to sun and skin care doctor, do not forget to ask what to do surgery after surgery to give a more permanent result. Discuss the issue with your doctor several times if necessary.

Operation Facial Aesthetic UK

Operating conditions in the hospital, under the supervision of anesthesiologists, is done in the operating room. Local anesthesia and intravenous sedation can also be performed by general anesthesia. Normally it takes 2-2.5 hours. It is possible to get home on the same day. If additional procedures (nose, eyelid, etc.) are performed, the surgery may be longer. In this case, stay in the hospital for 1 night. Face lift surgery is a surgical procedure. However, this trace is not evident. Traces are hidden in the temple area, in the scalp, in front of and behind the ear. 3-5 mm jaw remains a trace under jaw is received in six of oils, if added eyelid and eyelid remains received additional stretching and traces taken in the scalp. In general, however, these traces are unpredictable and concealed.