Eyelid Aesthetics

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As age progresses, there may be discomfort in the upper and lower eyelids due to gravity and, in particular, increased volume of fat tissues in the lower eyelids and a hernia due to herniation. London Eyelid Aesthetics In this case, besides to cause appearance defects, as a result of closing the front of the eye of the upper eyelid drooping state may also prevent a person’s vision.

Excess skin and herniated fat tissue are removed from the body by aesthetic eyelid surgery. Eyelid Aesthetics UK Price In this way, a beautiful view is obtained and the person is comfortable to see. The eyelids of the human body is at least remaining trace of surgical scars, and this is made of the area corresponding to the cut cover folds in ameliayat not get any attention.


Local anesthesia and sedation method are preferred. The mean operation time is 1.5-2 hours. Hospitalization is not necessary.
Postoperative Period
There may be swelling and bruising around the eyes. Dryness in the eyes, may be a burning sensation. Tears may increase, eyes may be uncomfortable for a while, and the patient may not be able to close his eyes in the first days. These are self-recovering events within the first week. Stitches 4 to 5. taken daily. The lower eyelids should be supported with thin tapes for another week after the stitches are removed. The patient can make her daily makeup 1 week after the surgery and return to her normal life. The success of the surgery depends on the removal of fat and excess skin. Because if the patient is removed inadequately, the patient is not satisfied with the result, even if it is removed excessively, the patient may experience uncomfortable problems such as pulling eyelids and keeping the eyes open due to inability of the caps to close. The absence of these problems is completely related to the experience and dexterity of the Plastic Surgeon.