What is Aesthetic Forehead Surgery?

There are transverse lines that normally vary in depth from person to person. Between the eyebrows these lines become vertical. Get loose skin is a magainin parallel to advancing age as in the facial skin, it begins to droop and current lines are deeper. London Forehead lift Times eyebrows downward, and people tired-eyed facial expression revealed çıkar.köt nutrition, smoking, irregular lifestyle, stress, air pollution, inadequate made of skin care or entirely omitted, discomfort in terms of the effect of gravity and facial aesthetic transmitter facilitates this result.

This surgery is usually performed on male and female patients over the age of 40 who have no other health problems. The lines on the forehead are minimized by forehead lift surgery. Eye on where they need to be increased to be removed towards sagging eyebrows and people who imparted a fresh perspective, a portion of the line next to the eye at the same time relieved to some extent. If a large amount of flap is present and the skin needs to be removed, the classical forehead tensioning method is applied. In the classical method the hairline is 4-5 cm. A trail of crown-style remains behind, but this trail is hidden in the scalp. However, this method will be temporary loss of sensation when applied on the scalp for a long time. The eyebrow hanging surgery performed to perform the eyebrows normally is a nested operation with forehead stretching surgery. In addition, eyebrow suspension surgery is not required.