Lip Aesthetics

Lips may be slender and obscure in some people. Lip Aesthetics London In some people, depending on the aging of the tissue melts with thinning and wrinkles lose its fullness and vitality. UK Lip aesthetic purposes, to thicken the lips with the condition not to disturb the natural, making the contours more apparent, reduce wrinkles and to plump up. Many methods have been developed in lip esthetics. These methods; nonsurgical may be gathered in two groups with surgery.

Non-surgical are performed using fillers. The contents of the fillers contain hyaluronic acid. Such lip thickening is applied more frequently because it does not require surgery and can be performed standing. Hyaluronic acid can also be used as a filler.

Surgical method of lip thickening is a process of insertion of the tissue from the body into the lips with an incision through the lips. this lip thickening done surgically, main fillers with a more natural appearance and longer lasting.

Surgery can be performed by local anesthesia. Although rare, it may also be required for lip reduction surgery. Normally large lips can be minimized by removing an elliptical piece with the incision made through the mucosa of the mouth. This process can also be applied under local anesthetic.