Midface Lift

London Facial Aesthetic

The skin loses its elasticity with the effect of gravity and advancing age, sagging occurs. Midface Lift London These sagging facials are face lift surgeries. But in our country, patients avoid these operations are a variety of reasons and easier applications with whether the issue is resolved.

Rope face neck stretching, rope with eyebrow removal is a brand new method offered by aesthetic surgery. Rope facelift skin with specially developed allowing the suspension ropes in the desired direction, prevents the captured facial skin sagging downwards towards up-to-back. Eyebrows can be removed to the desired extent with the same method.

There is no visible scarring in the rope-to-neck, rope and eyebrow removal operations. Only a very small scar can be left in the scalp. Under Local Anesthesia for approximately one hour until the transaction sürmektedir.b should be noted that the method will never be an alternative to a face lift operation. In cases with too much sagging on the skin, it is not necessary to apply facial lift surgery with surgical method.

London Midface Lift

Rope-to-neck stretching, eyebrow lifting Who can be applied?

35-50 years old,
Especially in the mid-face area sagging and deepening in the nose-lip fold, pitting in the eye area, collapse in the cheek, falling on the eyebrows and sagging in the lower jaw area,
No need for skin tissue removal,
Do not want surgical face lift operation,
Expectations from the process can be applied to people who are realistic.