Prominent Ear

In addition to the functional feature of the ear, one of our sensory organs; is an important aesthetic organ affecting the external appearance. Prominent Ear London Ear Surgery, corrected and ear deformities of the ear aesthetic surgery is the process of granting a normal way. Aesthetically, the most common disorder is a scoop ear deformity. This deformity is defined as being more prominent than the normal anatomical position of the ear. Prominent ear deformity may be in one ear as can be seen in both ears. Aesthetic operations can also take place in order to shape the missing folds and shrink the large ears.

Ear aesthetics operations are usually performed at any age from the age of 6 years. pre-school is the best time for prominent ear surgery. Bucket ear problem; For children, it can become a social phobia with a bad joke made by friends at school age and also a social phobia in later years.

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Operation; It is usually done under local anesthesia by entering with an incision made behind the auricle. the surgery performed under general anesthesia depending on the patient’s age and state of fear in the pinna surgery. Ear gum aesthetics last about 1 to 1.5 hours. Cut the protruding ears in the aesthetics behind the ears unpredictable trail to do. Pain after ear surgery is usually very small and can be prevented with painkillers.

Adults and children can stand up and go home after a few hours of ear surgery. Operations at the end of the protective purpose applied bandage renewable opened for the purpose of control after 2-3 days. At the end of the first week the bandage is opened and bathing is allowed. In the following period, it is recommended to use a band or a headband similar to the tennis player’s band to be used as a protective at night. such as pulling or twisting of the ears for at least 1.5 months, it is kept intact, the benefits of the trauma. In the early postoperative period, mild swelling and bruising may occur. These are the symptoms that can be resolved in a short period of time and are expected.