Anal Region Diseases
Makad (anal region) is the last part of the digestive system. Persons can appreciate the comfortable stool only after they have been infected. Diseases are usually very painful. The most common symptoms are due and mixed with each 3 anus disease; hemorrhoids, perinal fistula and anal fistula. It is best to start with hemorrhoids first if you need to know more about all three diseases.
Hemorrhoids, also known as hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids, are a disease of the veins present in the circumference of the breech.


The abscess is the inflammatory disease of this region. In all, pain is the main symptom. In addition, he makes complaints such as chills, fever, defecation. The drug alone is insufficient in the treatment of abscesses. The abscess is drained by local or general anesthesia with the incision made from the closest places to the skin or the macula. Together they are given medication. After the treatment either heals completely or returns to the perinal fistula (one end on the skin, one end into the macula). The most common complaint is pericardial fistula. Treatment outside the surgery is not possible.


The fracture and wound in the anal canal. It is common in women. There is a skin fold on the outside and it is mixed with hemorrhoids because it comes into the hands of the patient. Continuous constipation, difficult birth can be due to reasons such as. It is easy to be recognized by the physician. Acute fissures (new ones) benefit from the drug. The definitive treatment in chronic fissure is surgery. Success by surgery is 100 percent.