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All women notice a hardness in their breasts in any period of their lives. In such a case the cancer comes to mind first symptoms of breast cancer is the most common findings palpable breast mass. A large part of these masses are benign tumors. However, when a mass in the breast is handled, it must be investigated.

The mass in the breast may be one of two different structures. The mass can be a liquid-filled pouch. We call this a cyst. Cysts are usually painful and painful. It is more common in 40s especially before menopause. Simple cysts are not among the symptoms of breast cancer. Breast cancer may indicate that masses inside are filled with a different texture formation; we call them solid mass. The best way to separate these two different structures is by ultrasound examination of the mass.

Cysts are usually benign tumors of the breast. Their sizes range from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. Rare in women under 25 years of age, in women approaching menopause is more common.

The inside of the cysts can be emptied and the fluid in the cysts can be examined. If it contains bloody fluid, examining the cyst surgically removed recommend. If a cyst is seen in a woman who has undergone postmenopausal hormone therapy, it is suggested to be examined by sending it to pathology whether or not it contains blood.

If repeat within 4-6 weeks after discharge needle with a cyst, surgical removal is advisable. In addition, if a part of the cyst contains a structure different from the breast tissue we call solid, it is recommended to remove the cyst by surgery.

Fluid in the breast, which we call inside the solid mass audience full of different cells. Solid means solid. Solid masses are more likely to have cancer than cysts. Solid detected in a young woman’s breast cancer is likely to be a mass is not high: Advancing age increases the likelihood of cancer. a solid detected in the breast of a woman over the age of 40 mass otherwise accepted as a sign of breast cancer is proven, and it is therefore necessary to be investigated.

The breast mass is evaluated by mammography and ultrasound and the possibility of cancer is investigated. not possible to put a precise diagnosis with this method. However, a definitive diagnosis can be made by examining the part taken from the mass in the pathology.