Today, the onset of hair loss has regressed until puberty. London hair transplant The age limit accepted in hair transplantation operation is 20 years. General screening post-treatment therapies are recommended for younger people who have hair loss problems. However, especially in male pattern baldness and permanent hair loss is the only treatment that can be done hair.

The world-wide FUE method (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a hair transplantation method with a high success rate that produces natural results while taking hair and planting the hair. In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, hair follicles are taken with individual tipped micro-motors under local anesthesia and placed in bald areas taking into account natural hair outlet angle and direction. In FUE Method, live hair follicles taken from the hairy area are individually transplanted to the hairless area. In this method, the scalpel is not used when the hair is removed, the seam is not taken and there is no trace in the area where the roots are taken. Before the procedure, the patient’s hair was cut to one mm. shortened to be. Local anesthetic drug will be taken with the hair root and the area to be cultivated is anesthetized. Hair is taken from the nape of the hair transplanted into the hairless genetically in the absence of spillage hair is not spilled.

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Hair transplantation is a serious surgical intervention in an operating room.

Hair transplantation is the general name for hair root transfer methods in areas where hair is shed and hair follicles are genetically resistant. There are 2 different methods of hair transplantation. People will have a lot of hair from the back of the balding area for a long time after the plantation. When combined with hair transplantation, hair mesotherapy methods, the life of the hair is prolonged. Spilled be done to restore healthy component of scalp and hair roots of the region as well as be equipped with powerful turns into a permanent solution in many people.

Hair Transplant Treatment

Hair transplantation applications are the most popular among men. London Hair Transplant This hair transplantation process, which is easily applied in both men and women, is performed in clinics. It also satisfies the people who are operated by providing permanent and precise solutions to baldness. This procedure is a surgical procedure and fully complies with health rules. Especially after the miraculous image encountered after the hair transplant people have confidence. Persons who see themselves as different and look at themselves in the mirror are very satisfied with the operation.

How to do hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation london is done in 2 different ways. Both methods are used both in the world and in our country. The first of these methods; FUT (Follicular Unit Transpension). But the most commonly used technique; FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This method, which leaves quite definitive and permanent solutions especially after the hair transplantation process, stands out as the most popular and preferred method. FUE is performed according to local anesthesia. It is taken from the single nape area and between the two ears and transferred to the balding area.

FUT Technique – Hair Scalp Treatment Method

The FUT technique is an older method than the FUE technique. After this technique is applied, there is a very thin trace in the applied area. But we can say that the technique is as successful as the FUE technique. In FUT technique, hair follicles which are taken as a strip from the scalp are then transferred to the individual recipient area. The area of ​​hair removal is called the receiving region. This region is in the neck section and the ears are aligned. This region, where the hair follicles are taken as a ribbon, is genetically more resistant than other parts of the head. Following the procedure, the scalp is sutured and a trace of 9 centimeters in length is formed in the area. FUT technique is faster than FUE technique because FUT technique london hair roots are taken as a whole. Seeding can take up to 5 hours. In total, 3 or 4 seasons of planting in the majority of the hairless regions of the old view is to be achieved. Patients should keep in mind that there is also a limit on healthy hair follicles that can be taken from behind the head. Up to 1700 hair follicles are transferred during hair transplantation with FUT technique. In a single session, an important part of the area of ​​hair opening is closed with this number. However, the fact that people are realistic in the expectations of hair transplantation is important in terms of their subsequent disappointment.

FUE Technique – Individual Hair Root Removal Technique

FUE technique london is another hair transplantation method applied in İzmir hair transplantation center in our country. We can say that this method is a more recent method than FUT technique and that hair follicles are preferred because they are removed from individual donor regions. However, since the number of hair follicles transferred in a single session is less than the FUT technique in a single session, the completion of the procedure can take almost 3 times more time than the FUT technique. In FUE technique, hair follicles taken from the recipient region are placed in the donor region. In the ongoing process, the hair is poured on the roots and after a while, healthy hair starts to emerge from this area.

Fue London

In both methods, hair transplantation will be successful for at least 3 months. The process can take up to 1 year to complete in a healthy manner.

FUE technique is a longer-lasting method since it is a non-traceable and hair-based method. In this method, up to 8 hours per session can be applied. Our country is among the countries that apply the FUE technique in the treatment of hair transplantation.

What is Important in Hair Transplantation?

The categorized hair is determined according to the hair direction. The hair follicles numbered 1,2,3 are planted as local anesthesia in the bald area. The current number of hair, the size of the area to be planted, the number of hair to be planted is of great importance at this point.

Hair Transplant london

Hair removal videos are frequently encountered during this application should be paid attention to the direction of hair. Because when the hair grows, it is necessary to provide a very natural look. If the direction of the hair is placed incorrectly or if the hand is not applied correctly in the empty places, visual distress may occur.

How Does Hair Transplant Process Work?

After the hair transplantation, the hair is added and the hair begins to grow. Since collagen structure will be disturbed and imbalance will be experienced, it is normal to experience hair loss in the first month. After this spill, the channels sown after the 3rd month come to life. Planted hair roots begin to reappear from the channels. The elongation begins, and especially in the sixth month is half out. Hair transplantation is complete within 1 year. The hair grows in the same color and character as it belongs to the person.