Hemorrhoids are the balls located in the anal region and carry dirty blood. They enable blood circulation and also act as a pillow during defecation, making it easy to excrete. Hemorrhoid Surgery London If pressure increases for various reasons in the breech region, this blood circulation is impaired, and the veins grow like heirs in the feet and form hemorrhoids. These hemorrhoids can be of various sizes. Sometimes the hemorrhoids, which we call the 4th degree, may come out of the anus. The pendant is purple colored due to the dirty blood in these veins. They may be punctured and bleed when exposed to trauma or irritation.

Hemorrhoids are considered in two groups. It is called internal and external hemorrhoid. Internal hemorrhoids manifest themselves by bleeding. They don’t go outside. These are the first and second degree hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are outside the breech. The main symptom is bleeding. In addition to bleeding, it also causes complaints such as itching, pain and pain.

A wide variety of causes increase the anal pressure, causing hemorrhoids. Chronic constipation, long-standing diarrhea, the last trimester of pregnancy, prolonged sitting (eg drivers), frequent and large amounts of spicy and especially painful foods, tumors that increase intra-abdominal pressure, intestinal tumors can be considered as factors leading to hemorrhoids.

Most Concerns About Hemorrhoids
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Hemorrhoids are the disease of the vessels in the anal region. Proctologist.

What are the prevention methods?
First, constipation is eliminated. Pain should not be eaten and daily sedentary life should be avoided.

What are the causes?
Anything that increases the pressure in the anus area makes hemorrhoids. Chronic constipation, pregnancy, overbearing, spicy meals.

How is it diagnosed?
Proctology table is diagnosed by examination in the knee elbow position.

What are the advantages of non-surgical treatment?
Early daily life is returned and no surgical complications occur.