Thyroid Surgery

Large goiter may cause a bad appearance in the neck area and may also cause difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Thyroid Surgery London Large goiter consists of a large number of thyroid nodules in the enlarged thyroid gland, and surgery is recommended because it is usually large. London Thyroid Surgery Internal goiter is a goiter that grows over time, leading to the chest cavity and can cause respiratory distress. In toxic goitre, thyroid nodules cause excess thyroid hormone and cause hyperthyroidism. In this case, it is recommended to perform surgery after the hormones are reduced to normal level with drug treatment.

Do you need surgery in Basedow’s disease?

Basedow’s disease is a state of excess hormone secretion of the thyroid gland by a mechanism related to the immune system. In 10% of the patients the eyes can be thrown out. Basedow patients with ophthalmologic findings and surgical treatment are required.

What is ed Endoscopic Thyroid Surgery siz and ‘Unattended Thyroid Surgery?

The history of endoscopic thyroid surgery with image-guided (closed method) dates back to 2002. Since then, in parallel with developments in the field of innovation, in the mouth (transoral) began to be pronounced endoscopic thyroid surgery. Transoral thyroid surgery was born in Germany in 2010 and immediately spread to the Far East countries such as Japan, China, South Korea and Thailand. Today, these operations are performed in many centers of the world. These centers, in addition to the above countries, the United States, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, located in Jordan and Turkey. The number of endoscopic thyroid surgeries performed through the mouth has now exceeded 1000.

After thyroid surgery, hoarseness rate is below 1% in experienced centers. The nerve that moves the vocal cords passes very close to the thyroid gland. Thyroid nerves during surgery with these special devices are searched and maintaining thyroid gland is removed after found. Generally, this hoarseness is caused by swelling in the tissues during surgery, and in 95% of patients, edema recovers in one week to one month. Thyroid cancer, secondary surgery, internal goitre, hyperthyroidism (toxic goiter) is greater than the risk ratio in patients with giant goiters. Permanent hoarseness is very rare.

Do you need surgery on thyroid cancer?

In thyroid nodules, the suspicion of cancer or suspected cancer as a result of ultrasonography and needle biopsy tests requires undetermined surgery. Preoperatively, the type of thyroid cancer is determined by needle biopsy and then the surgical technique is planned according to the type and size of cancer.

Here I would like to briefly talk about endoscopic methods, because this area has a real share of technological progress, that is innovation. First, endoscopic surgeries with small incisions in the neck were described. Then, surgeries were performed on the chest wall and underarms. This surgery today is still done safely. Endoscopic thyroid surgeries performed through the mouth spread to Japan, China and Thailand shortly after Germany and have become applicable in all of the above countries. Today, transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy surgery continues to spread in both the United States and in this regard, as well as a lot of positive feedback veteran surgeon in Europe.