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England obesity treatment, The most effective method in combating obesity is surgery and it has been adopted and consensus in the whole medical world. London obesity treatment, The most common type of operation is the restriction of food intake (Bariatric Surgery) and, consequently, a tube stomach (Stomach Reduction) surgery aiming to reduce food absorption. This method is applied in 95% of patients.

Obesity classification is performed first in patients to be recommended for operation. The first rule here is that the patient should always try to lose weight with diet and sports 2 times in the last 6 months. It is the determination of whether the failed ones are hormonal (Hypo Thyroid) and psychiatric disorders.

Obesity is one of the most important health problems of developed and developing countries. Obesity generally increases the body weight to higher than the desired level due to the increase of the body’s fat mass to the fat-free mass.

In the event that daily energy consumption is higher than the energy consumed, the energy that cannot be spent is stored as fat in the body and causes the formation of obesity.  Obesity; The energy consumed by the nutrients (calories) is more than the energy consumed and the excess energy is stored in the body as a fat (20% or more), resulting in a disease that adversely affects the quality of life and time is considered as a disease.

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Obesity is a disease that leads to very serious health problems and unfortunately shortened life time. For obesity classification, many parameters such as laboratory and imaging methods, fat ratio in the body and type of fat was used. But right now, the World Health Organization (who) uses the body mass index (BMI) calculation for the definition and classification of obesity and is almost a common language throughout the world. A value that everyone can calculate in a simple process. Individuals with BMI over 30 are considered as an obese.

And medical treatments (diet, exercise, such as) can not lose healthy weight between 18-65 years of age bmi 40 over or 35 over and anyone with additional diseases that can be applied surgically closed (laparoscopic) surgery is given to the whole of the general name obesity surgery.