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“Tummy Tuck” or abdominoplasty, can noticeably improve the appearance of a large or protruding abdomen as well as considerably narrowing the waistline. If abdominoplasty or so called tummy tuck is well performed and can produce extraordinary changes in body and silhouette with high level patient satisfactıon. If you live healthily after surgery or at least you do not gain too much weight, the results will be extremely permanent.

London Tummy Tuck

This is achieved by removing excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen as well as by tightening the loose underlying abdominal muscles. Cosmetic Surgeons London believe that this procedure is ideal for those of you who have been through childbirth. Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is usually performed for people who gain weight after or during pregnancy and accompanying skin excess. Pregnancy often results in your tummy having been stretched (leading to stretch marks) and the abdominal muscles weakened (divarication). Some patients may only require a “mini-abdominoplasty” with or without liposuction. There are many ladies who despite dieting and exercise still have fat and loose skin over the abdomen. Cosmetic Surgeons London can help you.